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CBC 75th

September 30th 2011 8:13 am

I graciously accepted the request to perform at CBC’s 75th Anniversary Open House in Regina, SK on Saturday, October 1. I will be playing an acoustic set beginning at 1 pm following the likes of my friends, Jeffery Straker and Jack Semple. Please come out and support an institution that has given opportunities like this to artists across the country for a very celebrated 75 years.
2440 Broad St. Regina, SK.

Ian Tyson’s Toronto

September 9th 2011 10:54 am

Regardless of dedication held towards the team that developed an unparalleled powerhouse throughout the 80’s and an admitted lament upon the southern move of the franchise in which the family farm resides closest to, as a youngster I built a romance towards the white and blue. Never would I sport the vintage crest and, in fact, made habit of offering up Andreychuk, Gilmour, and Clark as a first choice in any card trade but the house they called home always aroused a sense of excitement knowing one day I’d be old enough to stand outside the famed grounds and see what all the fuss was about. Maybe it had nothing to do with the historic team and more that fact that it was one of the only Canadian venues Elvis had ever played (’57.) But now, across the street from the view of a ninth floor Carlton St condo reads “future home of Loblaws” – a 70,000 square-foot supermarket amid the “new” Gardens. What once fed fantasies now feeds.
There really is no merit in my sense of disappointment. I really had no connection other than the fact of what I hoped to see – possibly pleasing a childhood anticipation.

“All those things that don’t change, Come what may.
but our good times are all gone,
And I’m bound for moving on. ”

Surely it was something more dramatic that evoked those “Four Strong Winds” lyrics than a corporate resurgence of an old building but who’s to say what makes anybody think of home. Maybe Ian was sitting on the balcony of a ninth story apartment on Carlton after leaving B.C., staring at his saddle in the corner of his new urban setting, and longed for that same comfort zone. He probably cracked a beer and grabbed his guitar. In an emulated attempt, I put on a pot of boiling water to re-curve my hat damaged in the flight out east and shaped it as taught. Threw it on and polished off a bottle of red wine picking his songs until 3 am. I think I’ll go out to Alberta, weather’s good there in the fall.