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2012, Where will we go…

January 13th 2012 2:03 pm

Happy belated January 1 dear friends.

As one does with a new year at hand, planning and execution has begun. So much to be announced and excited about, but quickly in retrospect; 2011 fared well.

The new album began it’s recording process under the production and direction of John Ellis in Ashcroft, BC. Above his abilities to share my vision and his repetoire in Canadiana music, John plays the pedal steel…excuse me, slays the pedal steel. Getting him to record your album is akin to getting Hugh Hefner to throw your party. The new album will be titled “Coyote.”

Recording ended as the diesel was warming up for touring; a 22 performance run with songwriters Chris Henderson and Jess Moskaluke throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba hitting small town theatres and big city clubs. We fought on Twitter and loved onstage, enough to make the three of us want to do it again…we’ll get to that. The tour proved very successful and ended with the three of us being a part of the New Years Eve performance and Casino Regina.

The Blake Berglund Team (Myself & @TravEHarris) are currently developing performance packages for 2012 including “The BBBQ” where I BBQ organically self-raised beef and perform organically self-written songs with a side of home grown garden potato and harmonies, respectively.  Perfect for your backyard summer evening.  Also the Love Package which includes a self cooked pasta supper for two, wine, and a private background performance…making V-day, anyday.

In closing, it’s 2012, the mythical year of destruction.  Personally, I believe it’s hype and projected fear…but before I believed it, I wrote a song about it – “Harvest Stars”

Peace around,


Harvest Stars by Blake Berglund