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Live Album/The Vultures

August 1st 2013 11:46 am


 J.R. Louis (Bass): “God Dammit, I hate crows. Those big, ugly, scavenging, black bastards”

Me: “Crows? What about Ravens? They loom and have heads the size of softballs”

J.R.: “You wanna talk about big and looming, what about disgustingly ugly Vultures?”

Me: “Dude, we have vultures just north of the ranch, they’re massive”

J.R.: “Like how big are we talking here?”

Me: (glancing around) “The size of this van!”

J.R.: “Holy Shit, Van Sized Vultures???”

Bryce Lewis (Lead Guitar): “Blake Berglund & The Van Sized Vultures”

(Immediate  group consensual nodding, corners of mouth slightly turned downwards)

J.R.: “Bad Ass.”

Part II

After years of fighting the “sideman blues,” stresses of who to hire and availabilities, zero practice scheduling, lonely van drives and minimalistic singer/songwriter performances (which will still continue) the final pieces to a permanent line-up have come solidly into place.  With the fresh addition of Tim Herman on Pedal Steel and Steve Leidal on Drums, stages have been played at Dauphin Countryfest, Gateway Festival, and performances with Jim Cuddy and Corb Lund as well as a 70 shows thus far in 2013.

The confidence in the live performance has lead to the decision of jamming the Jasper Legion on Thursday, August 15 and Friday, August 16 full of hippies, cowboys, mountaineers, tourists, lovers and maybe the odd fighter, bringing in Sheldon Zaharko (engineer on Coyote) crashing through 25 songs and hitting record.  The result will be a live album of the old and new with a pile of bullshitting in-between to be released late 2014 thanks to the contributions of Rawlco Radio and The Jasper Legion.

Saturday, August 17 will have the Vultures playing the Jasper Rodeo. Rosin your rope, give’er a twist, and pull it back around your pinkie finger; chin down.  See you soon Alberta!

Blake Berglund & The Van Sized Vultures (Live in Jasper)